Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rising Fuel Prices

The price of Regular Gasoline has risen over .20 cents over the past two days in the Virginia Beach area, almost everyday before now for the past few weeks the fuel price has gone up about .02 cent everyday.

Only from the major media do I here that we should be concerned of the rising fuel price is that it is going to harm "President Obama's reelection prospects". Not that average people in the United States are putting off travel and having to take out of savings to get by.

I am having to put off travel plans to go home for the single reason of rising fuel prices, I personally don't care if this puts a dent in the Obama election. Like the President of the USA has the ability to move prices at his whim. I seriously want to see my family but over the past year the average price of everything has risen with really unexplainable reason.

Housing Prices dropping....well ya, that was common sense if you were paying attention over the past few years. I use to work on new homes being built in the Atlanta area. I personally seen homes that were outrageous to have - only for the reason of that it seemed like a flaunt of a persons wealth and not a reasonable purchase. I would go to some homes and the inside would be empty of furniture, the people sleeping on the floor, but having a three story home in this neighborhood must be worth it.

So does that explain why the fuel prices have risen? No, but it's just one of the little needles that were placed into the economy to cause the deflation and collapse we are going through. I do not believe that we are at the bottom yet, and once everything does 'even' out that we will be here at the 'Norm'...This is the new US Economy with the population dropping and rising social welfare costs.

This may seem to be all over the place in thought, but I'm just getting out my reaction to the constant media concern of the only reason that the economy should pick up is to help the Obama re-election.