Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rising Fuel Prices

The price of Regular Gasoline has risen over .20 cents over the past two days in the Virginia Beach area, almost everyday before now for the past few weeks the fuel price has gone up about .02 cent everyday.

Only from the major media do I here that we should be concerned of the rising fuel price is that it is going to harm "President Obama's reelection prospects". Not that average people in the United States are putting off travel and having to take out of savings to get by.

I am having to put off travel plans to go home for the single reason of rising fuel prices, I personally don't care if this puts a dent in the Obama election. Like the President of the USA has the ability to move prices at his whim. I seriously want to see my family but over the past year the average price of everything has risen with really unexplainable reason.

Housing Prices dropping....well ya, that was common sense if you were paying attention over the past few years. I use to work on new homes being built in the Atlanta area. I personally seen homes that were outrageous to have - only for the reason of that it seemed like a flaunt of a persons wealth and not a reasonable purchase. I would go to some homes and the inside would be empty of furniture, the people sleeping on the floor, but having a three story home in this neighborhood must be worth it.

So does that explain why the fuel prices have risen? No, but it's just one of the little needles that were placed into the economy to cause the deflation and collapse we are going through. I do not believe that we are at the bottom yet, and once everything does 'even' out that we will be here at the 'Norm'...This is the new US Economy with the population dropping and rising social welfare costs.

This may seem to be all over the place in thought, but I'm just getting out my reaction to the constant media concern of the only reason that the economy should pick up is to help the Obama re-election.


Monday, February 20, 2012

I need to test myself

I'm thinking about joining a 'backpacking hiking' club in the Norfolk area, trying to get out of my comfort bubble and meet new people. I'm still really anxious about opening myself up to new situations and people, I don't know how much I can offer someone before I want to pull back, or how much that they will want to take. Most likely I'm just a big jerk but I'm working on myself and trying to fit in as much 'me' time as I can. Well I know that all will work out fine, just have to get out once in awhile and not worry about always trying to put myself on the line to impress someone.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

can't ask why anymore...

How can you play god and alter the land and expect no repercussions. Fruit hanging from the vine is tainted by science to be shiny on the shelf. 1% to pay their fair share. The governments hand is moving, the tax man will come but the profits will only be passed along to the 1% by evolution, sheltering a child from experiences does not educate, the wealthy got their by everyone giving them their money in the first place - now only the people demand the government to force a refund. You are not free from the consequences of your mistakes. As the land soaks up the poison because you demand cheap food and poisons your children in return so shall the emptiness of your life remain after you spend your government checks buying the products that the 1% make. What should grind your gears is that you are demanding that someone else take care of you, your mistakes, your lack of planning, your lack of responsibility. Being able to budget your money and saving for the future will make it possible for you to be your own person and not having to beg from the government. Evolution hasn't happened on this planet for 4+ billion years to be replaced by government support - YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO DESTROY YOURSELF unless you take active steps to make your own future. Trying to play god with other peoples money will only destroy you in the end because there is only one way to survive and that is to rely on yourself and loved ones, and bite the bullet when it's time to survive. Knowing this is important; that one day you will die. No amount of begging, legislation, protesting or chanting will prevent that. Your legacy will be generations of people that traded freedom for the scraps and control of the government masters. Do you not see how foolish you are to beg to be a slave, you will have to heed the masters call else you will feel the boot. History does repeat itself because people play god with other peoples money - build your own wealth, intelligence, family traditions and stop waiting for someone to shelter you from your mistakes.

Once you know in your heart that you only have a short time on this earth, then you will be free because you will not want to make mistakes only to always be running from them. Your ever shrinking freedoms will then become precious to you. This is it, your only shot at life, you don't reply a bonus life, no restarts, no resets, no high score, but this is a game and the only people winning are the politicans that toss down table scraps to you to keep your begging at a tolerable level while you are thinking 'Ya I stuck it to those rich people'.

Demanding clean food / water should be the #1 thing people are protesting for in the streets. Healthcare should be fixed by having cross state competition of coverage to lower prices and remove the lawyers from the prosecution of doctors thus stopping all the lawsuits of malpractice, shit happens and life moves on - when you 'stick it to that doctor' then the next guy gets screwed to pay for the higher price the doctor now charges for his services. The greed of people and the ever expanding unchecked hand of government has undone what this country was founded for. Independence and Liberty. Once you lose those all your begging and demanding won't matter when the masters call on you to repay for them helping you 'stick it to the man'. Your children will pay for your mistakes, admit that and then go to your children and say 'you will have to pay for my mistakes of not planning for our future by having to pay more out of your pocket for my welfare, eating tainted foods, having an oppressive government and rather than spending money on a better education from you that money has gone to fix my life'......once you admit and confess that to your child then you will know where the fault for how your life and your childs life lays at....your feet. You are responsible for your own future.

But you can't ask why offends people to have them explain their 'ideas' - rather that you are now expected to whole heartedly except and support any manic idea that people have, and racist idea that shows how oppressive white men are to any other race, gender, period of time, houseplant, flex-fuel vehicle or welfare program. Asking why makes people confront their own failures and that might make them feel bad and that just isn't allowed anymore. Everyone deserves a 'good job' because of just breathing and polluting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sun and Moon

I'm in Kuwait right now, I haven't seen any clouds yet. The weather isn't bad. It's about 105F everyday around 1pm and at night it's about 80F at 1am. I'm seven hours ahead of people on the East Coast of the USA. I work at night, so I usually sleep during the hottest part of the day.

I've taken some pictures but I don't have internet for myself, so I can't upload any of them. I'm using the internet provided here on base for everyone. It's no big deal, just alot of dirt, haven't seen anything spectacular just yet.

Yesterday at work I did get to see the oil refinery that I work next to, burn off some oil (or something) that created thick black smoke. They usually just have the smoke towers burning all day and night, but I guess they needed to burn off something extra, and alot of it by the amount of smoke.

I recently started looking at Deviant Art. I really like to draw usually using just charcoal, but most of these people are very well talented. I guess it just comes natural. When I was taking art classes (about 10 years ago now) most of the people in the class were the same, seemed like they had a fountain of imagination that streamed directly out onto the paper. I was frustrated at what I produced starting off. But that was my first in a series of art classes, I did get better and started getting confident in my work.

I am still learning lessons about life. I don't know what happened, it seems like my entire life before age 25 was a blur, like I didn't have any direction or guidance. I have only recently become aware that I'm not the super-cool person that I thought I was, sometimes I do rub people the wrong way. I thought that I was above that. I'm a jerk sometimes but I don't mean to be, it's usually that I'm just tired - hungry - or I need to exercise.

Drawing would most likely reduce most of my stress.

I have so much that I what to do with my life. It would've been better if I figured out alot about myself and life during the first 25 years of my life. I'm 34 now and I feel like ship on the ocean with no port to call home.